PUB Water Meter Missing?

Found out your PUB water meter missing? When a SP (Singapore Power) account is closed (due to reasons of unit being rented out or sold), the technicians from SP will head down to your unit and physically off the electrical switches, water and gas valves.

However by removing the water meter, it leaves you with a whole lot of questions like “who removed the water meter?” or “can i replace it on my own”. No you can’t replace it on your own unless it’s a private meter and not a PUB water meter.

So what should you do if your PUB water meter missing?

Firstly, go to the SP website and open a SP account if you haven’t done so. SP technicians will have to physically come down to turn the valves on. If the water meter is absent, the technicians will advise you immediately on your next course of action or they could simply install one for you. PUB water meter can only be removed by SP technicians or PUB themselves. Anyone else caught removing it without PUB consent can be jailed or fined.

In most cases SP or PUB is expecting you to do renovation or A&A (Addition & Alteration) work to your recently transacted unit. Hence they require you to find a Licensed Plumber to apply for a new PUB water meter to ensure the meter size and capacity can support your usage.

The License Plumber will draw the layout of the pipelines in a floor plan, a schematic diagram of the water works and calculate your estimated water usage before applying a new water meter from PUB.

Tip : When buying a shop or residential unit, coordinate with the previous owner to close and open a new SP account on the same day. To have the PUB meter removed is a hassle as it takes an average of 3 working days to have a SP technician come down to turn on/off your valves.

PUB Water Meter for HDB. HDB. 10/10/2017 <>

Noisy Water Pipes

Can’t stand the pipes rattling each time a neighbor or family uses water? What causes these noisy water pipes?

Noisy water pipes, also know as water hammering happens when a valve is suddenly shut off. The forward inertia of the water is suddenly stopped by the closed valve and crashes onto it. This send vibrations backwards and the copper or stainless steel pipe rattles hence the sound of pipe swaying can be heard.

Faulty valves can cause water hammering. When these valves shuts off too suddenly due to mechanical failure it causes water hammering. The common valves can be found in toilet WC water tank, washing machines, bidet, taps and garden sprays.

The material and size of pipes also contributes to the noise. Stainless steel pipes which are more rigid tend create louder noises compared to copper pipes which are are softer and more flexible. Pipe size if is too small in relation with the high water pressure will also cause rattling pipes.

How to eliminate noisy water pipes?

To eliminate water hammering, we first have to find the main source. Replace the faulty valves or fittings and tighten the pipe brackets.

If all else fails, another option we have is to add a water hammering arrestor on the pipe or a pressure reducing valve. The water hammering arrestor helps to cushion the vibration reduce the noise and the pressure reducing valve lessen the vibration by reducing water pressure. Water hammering arrestor can be bought from D Link Pte Ltd in Singapore. Contact your local plumber to find our what is your current water pressure and what size of arrestor is needed.


Water Hammering

Water Hammering Arrestor

Is Singapore’s tap water safe to drink?

Singapore takes pride in our clean water and it’s a well known fact that Singapore’s tap water can be ingested without any additional filtering.

But it is our curious nature to question if Singapore’s tap water is safe to drink considering the many pipes the water have to go through. Doesn’t the pipe rust?

In Singapore, cement-lined ductile iron pipes, steel pipes and concrete pipes are used to distribute water around our country. These pipes have both their inner and outer lining coated with corrosion resistant materials. However friction caused by moving water and acidity of surrounding soil will still result in the corrosion resistant coating to wear off over time.

Pipe rusting is unavoidable when metal pipes are used hence such pipes will eventually leak. Yet we dont have to worry about our water getting easily contaminated as water pipes are pressurized and dirt surrounding the pipe are not able to enter the pipes when water is constantly leaking outwards. Unless the water supply is cut, water from the surrounding is not able to seep into our pipes.

Rust in the pipes will travel downstream and at the same time sink to the base of the pipes. PUB flush their mains often and also uses high tech equipments every night to check the pipes for leakage.

On top of the corrosion resistant pipes, all building’s water tank is required by PUB to be cleaned at least once a year. The water then has to be sent to PUB for testing and License Plumbers will need to sign off and be liable for any non compliances.

So is Singapore’s tap water safe to drink? Yes, it is safe to drink even though it might contain extremely small amount of rust. The amount is so small that PUB claims that it does not affect our health. Personally i believe this is as clean as it gets. Singapore’s clean water is currently way ahead of WHO standards.


Chrome Plated or Stainless Steel?

It is important to know the different between chrome plated or stainless steel before making your way to the store and choosing accessories of your liking.

Chrome plated accessories are shiny and beautiful. It have a chromium layer on top of the metal and the metal beneath could be copper, nickel, steel, aluminium, etc. The chromium layer is corrosion resistant, however if the chromium plated layer is damaged and the metal beneath is exposed, the metal might rust depending on the type of metal it is.

Stainless steel is a mixture of steel and chromium. Is it less shiny and looks more dull than chrome plated. However, it is more durable, heavier and more expensive. Stainless steel is not supposed to rust, however low grade stainless steel rust due to the low amount of chromium it has.

Overall, chrome plated accessories are more shiny but more easily damage and scratched. Stainless steel is more durable but doesnt shine as much. If you often knock onto things and have less time for house cleaning, go for stainless steel. Else, chromium plated will do just fine.

Chrome Plated Pipe that comes with Bottom Trap


When Should We Replace The Storage Heater?

After the previous article about rusty water in Storage Heaters, many are asking how long can a Storage Heater last? When should we replace the Storage Heater?


Answer : Storage Heater can be used till it spoils


Some of the common problems of a Storage Heater :

1. Fuse burnt
2. Tank/Element rust due to minerals reacting with the metal and friction from the water causing the protective coating to wear off. Brownish residues can be seen in the first few seconds when you turn on the tap.
3. Tank could also crack due to rust.

Most plumbers including ourselves do not repair Storage Heaters as it is just financially not feasible for heaters that have their warranty ended. It takes additional man hours to dismantle a heater and in most cases, parts have rusted. Cost of replacing the rusted parts could easily match buying a new Storage Heater.

Tip :

Make sure to register your warranty! For most brands, the manufacturer provides a 3 to 5 years warranty. We strongly suggest going for the longer warranty period even if it cost more. Base on personal experience, storage heaters nowadays have a life span of 4 to 8 years depending on brand and made.

When the heater spoils within the warranty period, some brands just gives you a new heater and ask you to find your own plumber to replace. However last i heard Ariston send their own plumbers to replace at no additional charge.

Make sure to inform your plumbers of your heater requirements!

11 years old Storage Heater

New Storage Heaters

Is It Safe To Drink Hot Water Off The Tap?

Is it safe to drink hot water off the tap?

Most people have hot water connected to their shower and kitchen sink taps. Sometimes we just drink straight off the tap.

But should we really be doing so?

The interior of your water heater rusts (Yes it does – we have seen so many rusty heaters of all brands!). Minerals found in water will react with the metals found in the interior of water heaters, causing them to rust or crack after a few years.


Rusty water poured out of a 5 years old heater


Most of the time, we do not notice that the water coming out from the tap is rusty simply because the concentration of rust is not high enough to turn the water brown.

But, trust us – the rust is still in there, and if you have a habit of drinking from the tap*, you should probably stop.

*We refer to water that has passed through your water heater.


Ever Wondered Why The Pipe Leading From Your Toilet Is Curved?

The curved pipe prevents pungent sewage smells from drifting up into your home. Known as the P Trap, Q Trap or S Trap (depending on the shape of the pipe), it traps water in the curved portion, which acts as a barrier to prevent sewage smells from floating into your toilet.

If you have any unused, or seldomly used toilets, remember to flush them once in awhile, as the trapped water can dry out. You definitely do not want your house to smell like sewage!

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