Services & Rates

Tom Plumbing always strive to provide the best services to our clients and solve your plumbing problems promptly. We believe in being professional and responsive. The ability to provide strategic quality workmanship guarantees your concerns are isolated and solved quickly.

Activity Rate
1. General repair, changing bottom trap and clearing drainage choke S$80 onwards
2. Installation of new kitchen and bathroom accessories (Water heater, sink mixer, bathtub, etc) $220 onwards
3. Running of water supply and drainage pipe S$250 onwards
4. Replacing of rubber expansion joint S$450 onwards
5. Waterproofing of roof, floor and wall S$300 onwards
6. Scheduled water-tank cleaning and submission for PUB water testing S$850 onwards
7. Water-saving assessment S$250 onwards
8. Sale & rental of water dispensers, quarterly maintenance and carbon filter replacement S$180 onwards
9. Installation of private water meter S$350 onwards
10. Application and installation of PUB water meter S$700 onwards
11. Concealed leakage detection (Underground/Within Wall) S$250 onwards
12. Water hammering source detection S$250 onwards


Home Owners

Home owners are more than welcome to do their own shopping and leave the installation to us. Our strict best practices ensure that there are minimal impact to rest of your home furnishes like false ceiling, tiles, etc. There are several large toilet/kitchen accessories store in Singapore like Sim Siang Choon, Bathroom Gallery and Bathroom Warehouse. Each of these stores distributes different brands for your liking.

For owners that would like to leave it to us to decide on the accessories, Tom Plumbing does it in a case by case basis. We will go to your home to assess the setting and space available before recommending the type and design of accessory within your budget.

An advice to home owners, good quality products are as important as good workmanship for a well functioning toilet/kitchen. Frequent repairs due to sub-standard accessories will incur unnecessary cost and wastage of your time.

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Contractors, Facilities Supervisors and Property Agents

Tom Plumbing provides professional advice and workmanship that can satisfy your most demanding customers. We act promptly so that your issues will be solved quickly.

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